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    Beautiful tracks. I can really feel your passion coming through. Love them.
    Katie Quinton
    Nice music my man!
    As With Life, If You give 100%, Then expect 2 Get 100%. Everything You do reflects everything You are. Never stop reachin 4 the #1 Spot
    great work with your music bro we def. gotta link up soon!!! keep doin ya thang Hurd It
    team hurd it
    Shemaiah is one of those producers who digs into deep in his soul for his musical inspiration and with this new R&B beat he has released its just small bit of his great talents.
    Ceddy J
    Stopping by with some support!! Much love! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Amanda Pollard
    I would love to collab on a song with you guys! keep up the grind Live, Love, Music... B-banga - Chicks Get Ciroc!
    Hi Shemaiah-I am really feeling your creations man..Great work!
    Ryan Field Music


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