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Model Spotlight: Aaliyah

I started to have true interest in modelling around 14, Of course at that time my focus was fashion and just learning how to love my own look. I took a few years off when I had my son and have just been getting back into it seriously for the past year. Now that I am older and more confident in myself and my looks I think I do better with seductive, boudoir looks! Oddly I am more comfortable bringing seductive looks to life than I am high fashion looks but the love of just being in front of the camera , hair and makeup done and just feeling like the best version of yourself is a feeling incomparable to many. 

I’d love to say that being a single mom doesn’t complicate my dreams of modelling but of course it does. It definitely gets difficult balancing the two. I love to put my all into my work and what I care about so it’s just a matter of being able to divide the time appropriately. Having support is a huge factor in this all and my family has assured to stay by my side and offer help with child care so that I can work towards making my modelling dreams a reality. My original goal for as long as I can remember has been to have the honour of being on a magazine cover. My goals have shifted a bit as I’ve got older, and became a mother. I really just want to help woman of all looks, ages,  and sizes truly see their own beauty and learn to love it. Since having my son my body has changed , of course and I thought it’d be the end of my modelling dream due to loose skin and stretch marks but after giving myself some time I realized that there are other woman out there that could greatly benefit from seeing other young moms like myself learn to embrace and love their mommy bodies. I want to make a difference in any way possible even if it’s small! Some advice I’d have for an up and coming model is to love yourself and your look regardless of the response you get from others. Confidence is one of the most important traits a model needs to succeed, in my opinion! Don’t focus on comparing your self to others in this industry, just put your all into yourself and your own look, work hard and great things will happen. 

*Photographs provided by featured Model* *For promotional purposes only *

Shemaiah Reed
Shemaiah Reed

Shemaiah Reed (Media Mogul) is a Music Producer | Dreamer | Talk Show Host from San Antonio, TX For blog features please email Shemaiah: shemaiahonthebeat@gmail.com

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