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Model Spotlight: Bonbreee Jones

I didn’t always reign confidence and symbolize strength. I’m known for my beauty. A lot of people view me as the petite, African American goddess that conquers simply by posting on Instagram. It was not until two years ago, that I realized I’m not the thirteen year old me, I’m no longer an aspiring model that studies psychology on the side . I am a model. 

When I was In the seventh grade, flip phones were popular. I was fortunate enough to own a Burgundy flip-phone with a decent camera. I remember being bored and walking into the bathroom to snap endless photos. I would even take some provocative ones just test my beauty from every angle. The average pre-teen was studying for the upcoming science exam and I was Infatuated with my extraordinary sex appeal. 

My oldest sister, Samonna, was a model. I would often take photos of her, while snapping the photos I would study her moves. Samonna displayed true confidence with her sassy personality and how she switched her poses with ease. I wanted to be just like her, which Is why she will remain my biggest Idol.

Working a baby pink corset and the perfect panties to match, I accomplished my first photoshoot. I remember feeling so relaxed, creating my look and posing. Everything was so natural to me. In that moment, I determined that I would pursue modeling. I went to school the next morning extremely tired but so thrilled to share my experience. I told a couple of my peers about my dream and before I knew It , I wasn’t on cloud nine anymore.”You’re way too short to become a model”, Is what my friends taunted me with. I believed them. I decided to focus on being an amazing social worker Instead. 

In 2018, I took a semester off from school. During my break, I became really depressed. I had to think of a productive way to ware the sadness away. I called one of my great friends that loved photography over, and we did a  “Candy land” themed photoshoot. The colors, the lights and set up excited me. I promised myself in the duration of that time, I would never give up on my dream again. Those photos saved my life.

Since I have been taking on my dream, I’ve completed multiple photo shoots, starred In several music videos, and signed with my first modeling agency. My ultimate goal Is to open a therapy center In Connecticut, that allows people to express their emotions throughout art.  As of right now, I’m working on developing a strong team of models that can potentially turn into my own agency. An agency that will consider anyone regardless of their height, or special features. I just want to make the world a much happier place. ” You can not be happy until you’re okay  within” .

*Photographs provided by featured Model* *For promotional purposes only *

Shemaiah Reed
Shemaiah Reed

Shemaiah Reed (Media Mogul) is a Music Producer | Dreamer | Talk Show Host from San Antonio, TX For blog features please email Shemaiah: shemaiahonthebeat@gmail.com

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