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Model Spotlight

Model Spotlight: Shani K Pachter

My name is Shani k Pachter. Was born in Israel and moved to the USA six years ago. I love the arts, photography, tattoos and I’m also a poet since I was 8 years old. I believe in being yourself without fearing criticism. Everyone should be free to feel comfortable in their own skin. I enjoy swimming for an hour everyday, love hiking and dancing. I’m married and we got three large dogs that we rescued and love like family. I would say I’m definitely an old wild soul. I will always speak my mind and fight for what I believe in. If I could send one message to the world it would be – live and let live.

Shemaiah Reed
Shemaiah Reed

Shemaiah Reed (Media Mogul) is a Music Producer | Dreamer | Talk Show Host from San Antonio, TX For blog features please email Shemaiah: shemaiahonthebeat@gmail.com

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