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Model Spotlight

Model Spotlight: Vanessa Mancuso

Hello! Lovely to meet you, my name is Vanessa Mancuso and I’m a freelance model If you met me 2 years ago you wouldn’t recognise me. 

I had terrible mental health, hated myself and everything around me, I was over the world & over absolutely everything. 

it got to a point where I had to change or the few things I care about would be taken away. I choose to do freelance modelling as I feel my best when I’m in front of a camera or travelling to shoots, being able to express myself and who I am in my photos really means something to me.

 I have spent everyday teaching myself new ways on how to learn to love yourself, how to improve your mental health, healing isn’t easy and I want to provide support and let everyone know I am here for anyone that needs to talk, mental health can completely change the most outgoing person to someone feeling like they have no purpose

You can beat mental health & you will it won’t be easy but it’s not impossible 💙

*Photographs provided by featured Model* *For promotional purposes only *

Shemaiah Reed
Shemaiah Reed

Shemaiah Reed (Media Mogul) is a Music Producer | Dreamer | Talk Show Host from San Antonio, TX For blog features please email Shemaiah: shemaiahonthebeat@gmail.com

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