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Nadine The Native Bombshell

My name is Nadine and for about 3 years  I have worked as a professional model and brand ambassador. I was born in Missoula, Montana and currently reside in Houston, Texas. I’ve had a passion for modeling since I was a child and I love to portray that passion in my photographs. I mainly shoot swimwear, lingerie and some fashion, but I also enjoy creative projects such as Body paint and thinking outside the box. My photos can be found in publications such as Succoso Magazine, B.A.D.D. Urban Dolls Magazine, 504 Dymes Stars & Stripes Edition, A New Me Magazine “Heavy Hitters” Edition, 86Blvd, Signet Magazine, Skybox Magazine, as well as a few publications by Model Modele and more. I’ve been featured in 13 publications in total including 5 cover publications with more in the works. Ive been featured in music videos for The Audio Kings and their song “Insta Drippin” as well as a video by the famous T-Wayne called “Super Freaky”.  My most recent projects include a men’s magazine publication created by myself featuring up and coming models called “Bombshells Magazine” which just dropped January 2019 and I’ve also recently been featured on Spotify/iTunes/IheartRadio where I was interviewed regarding the topic of entrepreneurship and the non-stop grind to achieve our dreams. I’m also working on a new page/program to bring light to #MMIW which stands for Missing And Murdered Indiginous Women. As a native coming from a reservation in Montana I feel it’s something that is overlooked. The Instagram I’m building is @models4mmiw.

Current Endeavors

I am the CEO/creator of a group of aspiring models known as “Nadine’s Bombshells” (A mentoring program I’ve developed to help women, gain confidence, build a portfolio, and learn to network) my organization primarily focuses on improving self confidence and promoting entrepreneurs to fearlessly follow their dreams. I currently have 3 aspiring models I mentor all of which have been published in at least magazine  and have shown major improvement/dedication and drive to become successful in the modeling industry. One of “Nadine’s Bombshells” biggest achievements thus far is just with in the 6 months of being in business we will have one of our models who will be published in Playboy for the month of June. Out of all my projects I dabble in I believe the mentoring has been the most rewarding as I get to guide, nurture, and be a role model for amazing women looking to get into the industry. 

I am available for bookings primarily in Houston and South Florida, but am also available to travel to other destinations in US.