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~Clothing that's inspired by dreamers for dreamers~

~Clothing that's inspired by dreamers for dreamers~

➣ Business Owner ➣ Music Producer ➣ Radio Engineer ➣ Writer ➣ Video Director ➣ Magazine Publisher ➣ Entrepreneur

My story started 1989 in San Antonio, TX. I grew up in Texas the first 8 years and left to Michigan near family. Growing up I connected to film, music, and faith. My parents raised us to strive at being the best we can be in life. The road that led me where I am today was a path of discipline and perseverance. Countless hours were spent in developing the skill and mindset of a successful professional. Through failure, I've found success. Each day is my opportunity to be the best version of me.

I am a believer in the arts and in having a vision.  As an entrepreneur, I focus on building value that inspires the people I connect with.

Coached by great mentors, allowed me to create a vision in my mind to pursue. My vision is creating value through media. Whether the value is in the services provided through a career, SPS or interviewing another professional in a life coach magazine, the goal is clear. Inspire people to pursue life goals as I continue to pursue mine.

Education is one of the greatest investments that requires both focus and reading books that shape your thinking. Skills are developed through adversity and commitment. A leader is someone who sees the potential and brings out the best of everyone. I specialize in listening to people and giving. One of my mentors said, "there are only two kinds of people in this world, givers, and takers. Which one are you?"

Through the art of music, photography, video, writing, and self-improvement, my passion is simply to create value.