Music News: Brae Leni – VOCO LOCO EP

Brae Leni has been bringing his feel-good funk and soul music to audiences in Central Arkansas since 2009. Brae Leni’s captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences to an ultimate soul session. He blends musicianship, creativity and tradition. It’s a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy. Fans tell him time and time again that they love dancing, grooving, and singing along with his music! You will always get high energy, a feel-good vibe and lots of good- natured fun.

Brae Leni has solidified himself as more than just a singer. The man of many suits; writes lyrics, produces beats, manages the band that he leads, & owns a professional recording studio. 

Brae Leni has more performances than he can count under his belt. Over the past year, Brae Leni has performed at many and been invited back to clubs, festivals, events, and even weddings in major cities such as NYC, San Diego, and Denver just to name a few.

While currently working on various collaborations Brae Leni continues to give his fans fresh projects, visuals, and entertaining concerts. There is nothing too far-fetched when it comes to how hard he will work to push his vision, and get his fans involved. You can stream his latest project and visual on all streaming platforms.

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