Queen Spotlight: Dadriana 👑

I am from NYC (the Bronx) living in Florida now. 

I listen to everything and like all different types of music.

I think to everyone success has a different meaning to all but to me is when you feel like your at the most of absolute of your potential when you do what u love u never feel like you are working a day in your life because you doing what you love so if you doing what you love you automatically striving for success.

I stay focused because I want better for myself so I try to stick that in my brain like “sis this u what u wanted to go after it” nothing is handed and I just have a lot of responsibility to keep my focus.

If I could help encourage someone else to dream I would tell them to don’t be scared and take that risk because scared money makes no money. So just go n get it and never pay with the same coin kill people who didn’t want to help you with kindness. Treat everyone how you want to b treated and just go on with your dream because that’s something NO ONE can take from you.

If I had one wish they could come true it would be for my mom to never die and why because I love my mother and I feel like I would die without her

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